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Small Group and Personal Training

There's a Champion in You, Start Winning Today!


Adult Functional Training
Adult Functional Training

Champion’s adult training programs are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than you ever have. And look good too!

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Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance

An intense 90-minute workout designed to make you stronger, faster and more powerful, so that you’re ready for your competition!

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Personal Training
Personal Training

The ultimate 1 on 1 training experience! Our coaches will hold you accountable and develop programs specific to your goals.

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Current News

Stop blaming the soda!

So many times I hear people talking about which foods they’re removing (or planning on removing) from their diet. One of the statements I hear the most is “I’m going to stop drinking soda” or some Read More

Year round sports.

Sports participation is at an all time high. And there are more opportunities to participate in sports after the traditional season or in the off-season. Summer and spring leagues, select leagues, etc. You would think that would be a good thing, but let me address some reasons as to why I believe that might not be the best thing for you or your athlete.

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If you want to be LIGHT and TIGHT, go HEAVY not light!

I remember when I first started training clients early in my career, if I had them even look at a dumbbell that in their minds looked “heavy” they would tell me “Dee! I don’t want to get big!” Or they would say “I just want to tone up”. Read More

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